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Anasazi Petroglyphs, photo by Nan Wilkins
Horseback Trail Rides in Monument Valley

For Reservations & Information Contact:
Evelyn Yazzie Jensen
P.O. Box 360416, Monument Valley, Utah 84536

Cell Phone: 928-209-2418
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Monument Valley Adventure
Rainbow Bridge 1998
Rainbow Bridge 2000

Michael Martin Murphey Ride
Chicago Tribune

Anasazi Newspaper Rock
Ten Penny Nail Trail
Copper Canyon/Monitor Mesa/Painted Desert

Northern Arizona University
Interview with Evelyn Jensen

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Agathla Peak (El Capitan) & Monument Valley

El Capitan (Agathla Peak) and Owl Rock

Photo courtesy of Evelyn Jensen

Take a scenic ride around Agathla Peak
(El Capitan), a 1200 foot high volcanic cone. Be treated to a long-distance view of Monument Valley, Hashkeniini Mesa and Owl Rock.

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Overnight Camping - Mystery Valley

Overnighters coming out of Mystery ValleyRide to Anasazi cliff dwellings tucked away in box canyons with petroglyphs and pictographs etched on the canyon walls. View natural arches created by millions of years of geologic forces. Learn about the ancient history of the Colorado Plateau and the unique modern Dineh' (Navajo) culture . Spend the night under the stars, savor outback camp cooking and real  "cowboy Indian" coffee. These tours begin at Agathla Peak (El Capitan).

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Overnight Camp-outs, Multi-Day Custom Trips -
Hunt's Mesa

Hunt's Mesa is named for Jim and Ray Hunt, uranium miners in the early 1950's. But, the Dineh' have called this area home for over a century. They have their own place names for the mystic canyons. Take the trails to this mesa for panoramic views of Monument Valley.
Enjoy the serenity as sunrises and sunsets paint changing colors on the towering sandstone formations and across the sky.

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Multi-Day Custom Adventures - Explore the Backcountry
Anasazi ruins in Mystery ValleyAdventurous experienced riders can begin a journey at Agathla Peak (El Capitan), visit Swinnerton Arch and Clara Arch in the backcountry where few go. Ride through peaceful canyons with Anasazi ruins and natural arches to the top of Hunt's Mesa for the entire view of Monument Valley. Camp under the stars experiencing the true west. This adventure can take you from Mystery Valley to Monument Valley. You can end your tour there or, for the truly adventurous, circle back to Agathla Peak. The entire trip takes 2 to 3 days.

Click here for more multi-day ride information.

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Great Guides, Great Horses

Dudley Smith and Fry Bread

For Reservations & Information Contact:

Evelyn Yazzie Jensen
P.O. Box 360416
Monument Valley, Utah 84536
Cell Phone: 928-209-2418
call or text
allow time for an answer as reception is inconsistent in this area


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